Clémence Vazard
Visual and Sound Artwork

The participatory “IDENTITES/TERRITORES” writes and reveals the relationship between Human and Urban. It brings together the construction of identity and the construction of territory in a sensitive map.

At a time when major urban projects are being launched by European capitals, when smart cities and considerations on the inclusive city are taking place… it is necessary to take into account the wealth and complexity of each individual in urban design.


What impacts does the territory in which we live, urban construction and city paths have on our life paths. How can the development of territories influence the development of human identities?
The notion of topography is used in both geography and anatomy. By extrapolation, it would be a science linking space to body, human to urban, translating on paper the roughness of a place like that of a skin. At the same time a natural, human and social science, it would also be applied to the study of bodies in the city through the layout, signs and codes that constitute its own language. It is through the artistic prism that the artist Clémence Vazard studies, explores and reveals the relationship between urban construction and identity construction.

IDENTITIES/TERRITORIES is an artistic participative project.