The Powerful Softness of Holding Hands

The Powerful Softness of Holding Hands
Vegetable dye from harvested flowers, hand embroidery

This textile series embodies Vazard’s representation of ecofeminism and celebrate our connection to nature.

The creative process starts with Vazard’s spontaneaous harvest of fallen flowers in parcs and gardens around her parisian studio. Some of them has been offered to the artist by the gardeners of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont from maintenance cuttings.

The idea came up to give these flowers a burial, by leaving their plant imprint on a cloth. Using the eco-print dyeing technique, Vazard accesses a natural process, without chemicals, even using the water of the Mediterranean where she is in residence to make her soaking baths.

Meanwhile, the artist witnesses moments of her friends holding hands. She sees it as an embodiment of sisterhood, of the soft yet powerful emotion it creates. She decides then to capture these moments and embroider those joined hands on the eco-printed textile, with coloured threads that echo the traces left by the flowers. The thread here is a means of connecting the women to each other and to nature.

Natalie et Rebecca à l’Agapanthe
Vegetable dye of an Agapanthus and rose petals from the workshop's garden, hand embroidery.
Margaux à Cassis
Vegetable dye from August flowers, crafted in the port of Cassis, hand embroidery.
Vegetable dye from dried roses and their leaves, hand embroidery
Eugénie et Rose et les roses jaunes
Vegetable dye from a bouquet of wilted yellow roses gifted in Arles, hand embroidery.