Les 13 Gardiennes

Clémence Vazard

Les 13 Gardiennes » is an interactive light installation connecting us to the Millennial Amerindian Wisdom of the 13 Original Clan Mothers related to the moon cycle (13 Moons). Les 13 Gardiennes invite us to heal together, within the circle and to consider that we each have 13 personalities within us.

The installation includes 13 female silhouettes in red neon tube fixed in circle on the perimeter of a round mirror base. Each silhouette light up every hour to shine together at midnight. The Ninth Clan Mother, the « Setting Sun Woman », is always on.

We all have a part of each Clan Mother in us, they invite us to remind that we are multiple, non-figured individuals, evolving with our emotions. This is the key to both individual and humanity healing.