Dinner Party

Join the table on April 25th 2021 for the rehearsal of International Remote Dinner Party to cook and share a dinner in a safe online space.

International Remote Dinner Party
is a participatory performance, inviting all women* to connect and celebrate community and feminist movements around the world while sharing a dinner together.

We are saving a seat for you at the table.

*Cisgender and self identified women, transgender & non binary people.

© Gaia Weber @lizard.palace


Join the community by pinning yourself on the collaborative map and sharing your message of support for women around the world.
Your message must embrace the Code of Conduct.


Register to join the table during the International Remote Dinner Party participatory performance.
You will receive a zoom link invitation upstream the event.
Connect while preparing and having dinner.


We would prefer to live in a society where we do not need Codes of Conduct.
However, Codes of Conduct are essential to establish spaces that are different from – and more inclusive than – general society.

The International Remote Dinner Party
collaborative map

Pin yourself on the collaborative map and join the community !